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New e-Book (mini-edition)

What are Managed Cloud Services?
Read Conversational Managed Cloud Services by Brien Posey - Microsoft MVP to find out

The advent of the public cloud has forever changed the way organizations operate. But commodity offerings, inflexible options, and a lack of customization have given rise to the Managed Cloud. In this eBook, you will learn when what it is, why it's a viable Cloud choice, and when it's the right option.

Learn about:​

  • The transition to cloud is the highest trend in last 10 years of IT.
  • Countless organizations have adopted "Cloud First" approach to the way they do business.
  • Why "Cloud First" doesn't necessarily equate to being "Cloud Smart"​
  • When Managed Cloud is a better option than traditional public cloud offerings
  • What are the problems with Public Cloud and how a Managed Cloud Help you for Digital Transformation

About Sangfor Managed Cloud Services​

Sangfor Managed Cloud Service gives customers the convenience and flexibility of a public cloud, with the security, control and professional service of a private cloud, making it the best cloud service approach for most SME customers. It provides users with distributed Cloud DC and dedicated resource/data security, full-stack security protection and new security responsibilities model, as well as proactive & professional 1-on-1 expert services.