Take Back the Wheel of Your Cloud Journey
IDC recommends IT teams should
  • Ensure that the underlying infrastructure used to support existing business-critical workloads is modern, workload optimized, and capable of being consistently managed along with the infrastructure supporting the newer transformational workloads.
  • Speed up the pace of migration and refactor all existing workloads, which require a deeper understanding of all the new options, existing dependencies, and implementation processes needed for a successful migration / modernization.
  • Shift IT investments to better support cloud-native workloads while investing to support modernization of existing infrastructure (e.g., expanding staff to perform data and application assessment, planning, and implementation for the modernized infrastructure).
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"...the end goal for all cloud adoption journeys are similar, which is to deliver “freedom of choice” and “time to value” for the cloud investments made for effective service delivery of value." ------ IDC
Benefits of Sangfor Managed Cloud Services

Controllability and Visibility
Sangfor Managed Cloud Services can provide users with a pool of resources that is physically isolated and exclusively owned, and the asset location of the dedicated resource pool is visible, and users can view the locations of the computer rooms, rack information, racking situation and even details about dedicated devices such as specifications, resources, real-time workloads, and network topology.

Security and Effectivity
Sangfor’s security experiences of more than 20 years bring Sangfor Managed Cloud Services strong, specialized built-in security technologies and intelligent security protection services that can help users conduct security baseline checks when business is launched, avoid complex security management, eliminate risks caused by security misallocation, and achieve "ensuring security of businesses from the first day of launch".

Tailored Services
Sangfor Managed Cloud Services has an "Exclusive Service Program", including a dedicated butler, providing proactive services, 5-minute extremely quick response, and 100% problem handling cycles. In addition to basic IaaS commission maintenance, it can also provide intelligent inspection report analysis, emergency response, IaaS planning optimization, etc., to help users continuously govern and optimize cloud-enabled IT.