Data Breaches Rose By 70%
in Q3 2022
Prevent Threats with Your Free NDR Trial


At Sangfor, we understand that choosing the right cybersecurity products among a myriad of vendors and offerings can be quite challenging and overwhelming. 

To help you choose the right product to protect your network, Sangfor is offering a free 14-day proof of value (POV) of Sangfor Cyber Command — a state-of-the-art Network Detection and Response (NDR) solution that provides complete visibility of threats and vulnerabilities in your network. 


Limited availability. First come, first served! 
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A Free Evaluation of Your Network

The POV is completely free of charge with no strings attached. Network traffic collection and analysis is performed using passive assessment techniques that will not impact your network.

How You Will Benefit from Sangfor Cyber Command POV

Uncover shadow assets by analyzing all the traffic through the network core switch
Isolate infected machine or network
Provide 360° visibility into your network to better understand your security posture
List and proiretize actionable plans
Rank vulnerable assets by the severity of their risks and find any network security issues
Reinforce protection and remedial actions
A Summary Risk Report with the POV findings
Timely updated AV is installed on all assets
Provide recommendations on how to enhance your network.

Sangfor Cyber Command - Intelligent Threat Detection and Response Platform

Sangfor Cyber Command is a big data security analysis platform that integrates security detection, visualization, and response capabilities. It leverages advanced technologies such as AI, ML and TI, UEBA, big data correlation analysis, NTA, and compromised endpoint detection to provide security visibility across the entire network.
Uncovering existing security breaches while impact analysis identifies hidden threats within the network.
Correlating existing security events by applying AI and behavior analysis technology - all aided by global threat intelligence.
Integrating network and endpoint security solutions to respond to threats in an automated and simplified manner.
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